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SSCA Blog Posts » SSCA Micah 6:8 Award: Mike Mack

SSCA Micah 6:8 Award: Mike Mack


SSCA Micah 6:8 Award: Mike Mack

November 20, 2023

During our annual We Believe event on Friday, November 17, 2023, we honored one SSCA alum, one community supporter, one faculty member, and one Christian leader outside of the SSCA community. 
Congratulations to Mike Mack for winning the Micah 6:8 Award of 2023!
Michael McPherson, also known as Mike Mack, was born and raised in the mean streets of Boston, Massachusetts. He grew up in a single-parent home raised by a mother of great faith. It was from her that he not only learned about the love of God but also to live life uninhibited and free of fear or worry. This lifestyle was put into action when he, on a whim, enrolled in college in the city of Miami at Johnson and Wales, having no connections nor having visited the institution. While in the fast town known more for its parties than academics, Michael managed to stay on the dean's list his entire college career and finish his requirements for a Bachelor's in Marketing in three years. During his college tenure, Michael had the opportunity to leave the country for the first time and spend a semester in Seoul, Korea. This experience changed his outlook on life and expanded his world view.
In 2005 Michael returned to his hometown of Boston. The once sheltered young boy had become a man and began implementing what he learned in his business and, more importantly, in his community. In 2009, Michael started ChurchBoy Clothing, a company that was counter-cultural in nature (embracing the Hip Hop culture while spreading the Gospel Message) which would be used as a launching pad for his future businesses. The company would go through many transitions, from a clothing line, to a management company and finally to an events and marketing company that consults multiple record labels on marketing, booking, public relations, and event planning. In 2020 he cofounded INVTonly, the only booking company whose primary focus is Christian Hip Hop booking, becoming the #1 booking agent in all of the Christian Hip Hop space. He is most well-known as the only CHH concert promoter and planner not only in Boston but the New England area overall, hosting or promoting KB, Lecrae, Social Club, Derek Minor, and Da Truth in recent years. His favorite project is the Elevation Conference, the only CHH infused youth and young adult conference in New England, which endeavors to bridge the gap between faith and culture, a safe haven for urban creatives who travel from all over the country to the Boston area.