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SSCA Blog Posts » Writing Festival: Olivia's Short Story

Writing Festival: Olivia's Short Story


Writing Festival: Olivia's Short Story 

July 3, 2023

In a series of writing entries, we will be showcasing some of our students' work from the 2023 Writing Festival! During this Writing Festival, students from Grades 1-12 were asked to submit either a short story, essay, or poem. Throughout the summer, we will be showcasing some of the entries who won a Writing Festival Award for excellent writing!



**Olivia's short story, "Kiwi", received the "Very Good" award.






Grade 4 - Mrs. White


Short Story




Once upon a time, there lived a toucan named Kiwi. He was very special because he was green. He had an awesome family that went on vacation every year. Once while they were on vacation, they almost got eaten by a tiger! 


Even though Kiwi was almost perfect, no one wanted to be his friend because he was green.


One day, Kiwi saw some toucans playing. They looked nice and happy, so Kiwi thought they would be his friends.But they bullied him instead, and this made him sad. When Kiwi got home his mom told him that a new family was moving in. “There's a toucan named Blue Raspberry and she’s blue,” Kiwi’s mom said. 


The next day, Kiwi went out to look for Blue Raspberry. When he found her, he was so excited. Kiwi talked so fast you couldn’t understand what he was saying. “Wait,” said Blue Raspberry. “Slow down! How do you know me?”


“Oh, my mom told me that you were moving here. Let’s be friends.” And then they became friends. They did lots of cool stuff like raft riding and treasure hunting. Once they even found a $1.00 bill.

One day Kiwi and Blue Raspberry were having a race. Kiwi was about to win when the wind started to blow his way and that made him fall. Blue Raspberry tried to catch him, but she missed and scratched her wing.


“Ow, ow, ow!” Kiwi cried. Blue Raspberry got so scared that she called 911. The ambulance came and took Kiwi to the hospital. Blue Raspberry went too, but only because she needed a bandaid.


Soon, Kiwi was all better, and they celebrated by eating cake!