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South Shore
Christian AcademyFor Christ. For Others.

Elementary School


SSCA prepared me to work in an amazing environment and gave me lifelong amazing friendships and relationships, including peers and mentors.” - SSCA Alumnus


Kindergarten - Grade 5

Suddenly it happens. One day our children are tiny and as their parents or guardians, we are the center of their world. But the next day (it seems), they’re starting school and now their world has vastly expanded. Many hours of each day are now spent with teachers. At SSCA we understand the importance of this responsibility and take pride in the partnership we foster with each parent or guardian.


The Elementary School curriculum is designed to foster curiosity in young minds, to set firm the foundations necessary for our challenging Middle School program, and to create a fun and caring environment.


Throughout the Lower School program, students will learn and discover through a variety of interdisciplinary and hands-on learning approaches designed to engage the mind and build the thinking and social skills necessary for the 21st century. The Elementary School program uses critically-approved curriculum to ensure that a student’s learning builds upon itself as the student progresses. 


A hallmark of our Lower School faculty is their deep love for teaching young children, whose exuberance for life, friends, learning, and laughing makes each day fun. Our faculty work to incorporate lessons of faith throughout the day, not just in our Bible classes. Additionally, each Elementary School class regularly attends Art, Music, P.E., Spanish, and Technology classes, taught by faculty members who excel in their respective areas. Outside of the classroom, students can participate in our fall, winter, spring, and summer enrichment programs. In these programs, students have the opportunity to participate in Creative Arts, Cooking, STEM, and sports, such as soccer, basketball, and baseball. 


From the first day in our Preschool program, to the last day in our fifth grade’s culminating Capstone project, each moment spent in the SSCA Lower School is an opportunity for growth and wonder.