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Uniforms and Gear

Lands' End Uniforms
Land's End Uniforms
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What on the Lands' End site is eligible for my student to wear as a school uniform?
Students are permitted to wear anything on SSCA's Lands' End uniform shop as school uniform EXCEPT the available tee shirts, sweatpants, and mesh gym shorts. These three items can only be worn on days in which students have Physical Education (P.E.). Students are also allowed to wear an SSCA Fanwear top and/or sweatshirt with uniform bottoms to school.
Are there available discounts or uniforms with Lands' End?
Yes! We encourage you to immediately sign up for an account on the Lands' End site (click on "School Uniforms" above and click on the Lands' End School logo). Once you have an account, you will be eligible for coupons and offers throughout the year including logo free days and more. 
I heard that uniform polos are back for Upper School. Is this true?
Yes! We are very excited to say that Upper School students are now allowed to wear uniform polos! Students are still permitted to wear uniform button downs but we hope this is a great addition to students' uniform wardrobes. 
Do students have to wear official uniform bottoms?

Yes, for Upper School students. Upper School students (Grades 6-12) must wear authorized Lands’ End bottoms. (Last year, some allowance was given regarding required bottoms due to product availability and service concerns). Lower School students are encouraged, but not required, to wear authorized Lands’ End bottoms.

This year students are to wear the following bottoms:

  • Preschool and Pre-Kindergarten are permitted to wear any bottoms of any color.
  • Kindergarten thru Grade 5 are permitted to wear khaki, grey or black pants or skirts from Lands’ End or other vendors.
  • Grades 6 thru 12 are permitted to wear only Lands’ End approved bottoms.
Who should I contact if I have questions and/or issues with Lands' End products?
Please call Lands' End Help Center line found on their website.
Who should I contact if I have any other questions and/or issues (not related to products)?
Please call or email our Business Office at (781) 331-4340 x3347 or [email protected].

What about masks? Masks or any facial coverings may not be worn, unless for health and medical reasons. If masks are worn, please wear a white, grey, khaki, black, burgundy, or light blue mask. Solid colors  and patterns only. Students may also wear SSCA logo masks sold from authorized fanwear vendors. Patterned masks that follow the approved colors are permitted (for example, a black and white checkered mask, or a burgundy mask with light blue stars would be fine). Masks with messages are not permitted unless specifically authorized by Head of School. Students who wear an unauthorized mask will be required to replace that mask with one that is authorized, or wear a disposable mask available at the Main Office. 

What types of masks may students wear? Masks are optional. However, students are permitted to wear fabric or cloth masks, surgical masks, or N95 masks. Students MAY NOT wear gaiter masks or masks made with similar thin, stretchy fabric.