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South Shore
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What is the average class size?
The average class size for Preschool through Grade 12 is 20 students.
What is the student/teacher ratio?
With 15 student per faculty ratio in the Lower School (Preschool to Grade 5) and 10 student per faculty ratio in the Upper School (Grades 6-12), students receive the individualized attention and guidance necessary to prepare them for college and beyond
What is the Harkness Method?
The Harkness method of teaching, pioneered and first introduced by Phillips Exeter Academy in 1927, is a collaborative learning approach where ideas are formulated, considered and debated by students with faculty guidance. At South Shore Christian Academy, we focus on rigorous academics and use the Harkness method for many high school English and humanities courses such as Comparative World Literature and Foundations of Western Civilization.
What are the graduation requirements?
Students are required to attain 23 credits for graduation. Credits are earned through courses in English, Math, Science, Bible, History, Foreign Language and Fine Arts.
Does SSCA offer Advanced Placement classes?
AP classes are available in:
  • English Language
  • English Literature
  • Spanish
  • U.S. History
  • European History 
  • Calculus AB
  • Biology
What is Arts Block?
Arts block is a period in the day for students in Grades 6-12. During this period, students have the opportunity to participate in various music or visual art classes during the school day. Below is a list of clubs and activities that occur during Arts Block.
Upper School Arts Block Options:
    • 3D Modeling & Printing (high school only)
    • Choir
    • Creative Exploration (middle school only)
    • Graphic Design (high school only)
    • Installation Art (high school only)
    • Orchestra
    • Sculpture (middle school only) 
What is Flex Block?
Flex Block is a period in the day for students in Grades 6-12. During this period, students have the opportunity to participate in various clubs and activities during the school day. Below is a list of clubs and activities that occur during Flex Block.
Upper School Flex Block Options:
  • Academic Support
  • Bible Study (middle school only)
  • Board & Card Games (middle school only)
  • Chapel Band
  • Chess Club
  • College Guidance (high school only)
  • Discussions (middle school only)
  • Disney+ Club (middle school only)
  • Entrepreneurship Club (middle school only)
  • FCA Huddle (high school only)
  • Film Theory (high school only)
  • Game Development
  • Games of Strategy (high school only)
  • Garden Club (middle school only)
  • Green Team Recycling Club (high school only)
  • Maker Space
  • Math Club
  • Movies (middle school only)
  • National Honor Society (high school only)
  • Outdoor Games (high school only)
  • Prefect Council
  • SOCA (Student of Color Alliance) (high school only)
  • Soccer Club
  • Soccer Highlights
  • Sound Team
  • SSCA TV (high school only)
  • SWEAT (Stepping with Energy and Technique)
  • Table Top RPG (high school only)
  • Theater Club
  • Weight Training
  • Writing Club
  • Yearbook (high school only)
What sports does SSCA offer?
The athletic program at SSCA offers opportunities to students in Preschool through Grade 12 and helps fulfill our mission by developing student athletes on and off the playing field. Our athletics programs help to equip our student athletes with the necessary skills for a lifetime of healthy fitness and self-esteem as part of our overall mission to develop a strong Christian character.
Students in Preschool through Grade 8 receive physical education instruction weekly. Students in Preschool through Grade 5 may compete in basketball, baseball, and soccer skills development, which is offered through our enrichment programs. 
Upper School students, Grade 6 through 12, may compete in the Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association (MIAA). Note: Our Basketball Teams operate as total independents and are not associated with MIAA.
    • Soccer - offered to girls and boys in the fall.
    • Volleyball - offered to girls in the fall.
    • Cross Country - a co-ed team offered in the fall.
    • Basketball - offered to girls and boys in the winter.
    • Indoor Track - a co-ed team offered in the winter.
    • Baseball - offered to boys in the spring.
    • Softball - offered to girls in the spring.
    • Track and Field - a co-ed team offered in the spring.
    • Esports -  a co-ed team offered in the fall, winter, and spring.
SSCA has enjoyed an outstanding record of accomplishment in interscholastic play qualifying for post-season MIAA Tournament play:
Boys Soccer, Girls Soccer, Boys Basketball, Girls Basketball, Girls Volleyball, Softball, and Baseball.
Does SSCA have an Arts program?
Yes, SSCA has a rapidly growing Arts program!
For Preschool through Grade 5, students may participate in music and art classes as part of their weekly schedule. Students in Grades 3-12 can take small-group, fee based, band instrumental lessons through our partner organization, Paul Effman Music. Students in Grades 4-12 can also take small-group string lessons through our in-house string orchestra program and may also participate in choir. Both our Band and string orchestra programs provide performance opportunities throughout the school year. 
In middle school (Grades 6-8), students take music and art classes as part of their standard curriculum.
In high school (Grades 9-12), SSCA offers Beginner and Advanced Guitar classes, as well as Music Theory. We also offer various Visual Arts classes such as Foundations of Visual Arts I, Foundations of Visual Arts II, Advanced Art I, and Advanced Art II.
All Upper School students may also participate in choir, chapel band, theater, and string orchestra, as well as band through our partner organization, Paul Effman Music.
Are entrance exams required for admission to SSCA?
Applicants to Preschool, Pre-Kindergarten, and Kindergarten are required to complete a developmental screening test administered at SSCA.
Applicants for Grades 1-5 are required to complete an entrance test administered by SSCA. Tests are administered following successful completion of the application.
Applicants for Grades 6-12 are required to take a Secondary School Admissions Test (SSAT), an Independent School Entrance Exam (ISEE), or entrance testing conducted at SSCA.
Is Financial Aid available?
Financial Aid is available. SSCA utilizes the FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment program to process all tuition assistance applications. FACTS assists SSCA in assessing the financial need of the families applying for tuition assistance.
Tuition assistance at SSCA is a need based financial aid program. It is available to assist students that could not otherwise attend SSCA without financial help. This assistance is available for parents or guardians of Kindergarten through Grade 12 students.
Families are eligible to apply for financial assistance at any point during the application process.
Are there other costs that are not included in the tuition?
Tuition includes full participation in the SSCA program, including field trips and special learning experiences, Upper School retreats, books (except for some AP classes), graduation expenses, sports, arts, music, and theater. It does not include the enrollment fee, uniforms, optional after-school enrichment programs, after-school care, Upper School Interterm trips, books for some AP classes, lunches, and private instrument lessons.
Is a lunch program provided?
A school lunch program is available through a local vendor. Order forms are available in the "Parent" section of our website. Students in Preschool through Grade 5 may also purchase milk with lunch on a monthly basis. 
Is there an AfterCare program?
SSCA offers AfterCare for students in grades Preschool through Grade 5 whose parents cannot pick them up by 3:00 p.m. The hours are 3:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. and the cost is $12 per hour per student, billed in 15 minute increments.