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New Orchestra Program at SSCA

New Orchestra Program at SSCA


May 13, 2022

We are thrilled to announce that South Shore Christian Academy is building upon our vibrant music program with the launch of a new orchestra program at no fee to families!

What It Is?

This program will include strings classes for students in grades 4 and 5, a middle school orchestra, and a high school orchestra, all rehearsing during the school day, and all included in tuition.

The ultimate vision we’ll grow into: a high school orchestra that tours, performs at music festivals and community venues, blesses our community, provides signature performance opportunities, and instills in our students an insatiable appetite for excellence.  To prepare students for that high level of musicianship, a middle school orchestra will provide students with robust, formative rehearsal and performance opportunities on and off campus. And, finally, lower school strings classes will help students to develop the fundamental skills of reading and playing music they’ll need to enter into that world of ensemble performance.

How It’s Happening?

As you know, the SSCA Board of Trustees has developed a five-year strategic financial plan that provides for a range of programmatic enhancements.  A fully integrated instrumental program was a long-term dream, not within the scope of the current plan – until a pair of financial supporters offered to bolster those resources over multiple years in order to make this aspiration a reality this coming year!

This means that the recurring costs of the new program, including a new part-time orchestra teacher, can be covered without additional fees. However, the initial start up costs for equipment and certain instruments must be raised in the coming weeks.  Those start-up costs amount to about $20,000.

How You Can Help?

Happily, support for our orchestra’s initial startup costs has already begun pouring in!  Staff and faculty have contributed $2,500, and an SSCA family has contributed another $2,500, leaving just $15,000 left to raise.  

Now, our new orchestra program needs your help to get started.  Attached is a flier for a “gift catalog” that shows how you can help SSCA to purchase each piece of the orchestra!

An Amazing Student Opportunity!

We’ll be releasing details in the coming weeks about how students can participate in our new orchestra program, and how it will impact their schedule.  (Hint: we are designing the upper school schedule so that students can participate in orchestra without giving up sports or other academic and extracurricular activities!)  We’ll also be scheduling some Q&A sessions for interested families.

Deep thanks to the many people who are already involved in the formation of this new program: faculty and administrators crafting the program; financial supporters; and our generous partners who have made this initiative possible. Most of all, we’re grateful to the Lord, from Whom all good things come, for His provision. He blesses us to be blessings to others.