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Mrs. White's Grade 4 Class

Mrs. White's Grade 4 Class


October 13, 2021

Grade 4

Last week, Grade 4 students had two special visitors: Mr. Gregoire, a Grade 4 and 6 parent, and Mr. Yadollahpour, a Grade 3 and 5 parent. They both shared their stories with the students about what it was like to come to the United States as young boys.

In class, Grade 4 students are currently reading Home of the Brave, a story about a boy from Sudan who comes to the United States. Students were enthralled to see this book come to life as they listened to real life adventures from these fathers!

While reading Home of the Brave and meeting with Mr. Gregoire and Mr. Yadollahpour, the students learned about the process and the adjustments people have to make when moving to a different country. They also learned about how God directed Mr. Gregoire’s and Mr. Yadollahpour’s path.

Thank you so much to Mr. Gregoire and Mr. Yadollahpour for taking time out of their busy lives to enrich ours!