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Student Life at SSCA


“SSCA gave me a great foundation in my educational and spiritual development that prepared me very well for college and life in general.” -SSCA Alumnus


Every morning, 248 students arrive from 40 different towns across the South Shore. To be a student at SSCA is to be a part of a community that reflects the rich diversity of God's people and strives towards unity around the common purpose of Christian education. Our Chapel Program helps to build this unity within our community by cultivating the spiritual lives of students, families, faculty, and staff.  Our weekly chapel services provide students with teaching that is founded on the tenets of our Christian faith, yet still applicable to their daily lives. Our students and families come to us from more than 88 different churches, representing more than 17 denominations, so our chapel program exposes students to a broad range of content and experiences that will enrich their spiritual lives.
We encourage our students to engage with the world through their classroom learning, but we also encourage them to participate in the types of experiential learning that can only be found once they leave the classroom.  We want SSCA students to be engaged in sports, robotics, theatre, National Honor Society, and more.  We push students to explore the depth and breadth of their skills and passions through a variety of opportunities. Our Lower School students participate in sports, instrumental lessons, art classes, theatre shows, and STEM programs. Meanwhile, our Upper School students can perform in our plays, compete on JV and Varsity sports teams, create work for the Spring Art Show, hone their computer coding skills, and serve in any one of our student leadership groups.
SSCA students pursue these opportunities with an eye towards living out Micah 6:8 in all that they do.  Our students work for justice through service opportunities and student clubs, exhibit mercy and compassion in the midst of competition on the sports field, and continually seek to walk humbly with God as they develop the skills, courage, and wisdom needed to be leaders in their communities.
SSCA Families travel from all over Boston and the South Shore.
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