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Faith & Community


“At SSCA, I not only saw my teachers engage in vocational ministry but was taught through the lens of a biblical worldview. I was encouraged to pursue my passions as an impetus to glorify God in all I do!” -SSCA Alumnus



Faith & Community

South Shore Christian Academy has a diverse student body in many ways, including religious background -- representing more than 88 churches in the Boston area. All of our students, Preschool to Grade 12, attend chapel on a weekly basis. For both Lower School and Upper School Chapel, we partner with local churches and ministries and also have the opportunity to bring in guest speakers and provide community service opportunities for our students.

Lower School Chapel

In Lower School Chapel, students in Kindergarten to Grade 5 meet in the gym on Wednesday mornings to worship the Lord and to grow in their faith. During this time, students learn about the Bible and worship God collectively as our 5th grade praise team leads everyone in worship. Our Preschool and Pre-Kindergarten students learn about the Bible and worship the Lord in their respective classrooms.

Lower School Community Service Events and Opportunities:
  • Examples of Service Activities
    • Food drive for the Salvation Army Pantry
    • Food drive for the Weymouth Food Pantry
    • Raised funds for Heifer International
    • Donated bibles and raised funds for the Voice of the Martyrs
    • Raised funds for HeartCry Missionary
    • Raised funds to support underprivileged students in Haiti
    • Donated food and other Christmas goodies to the Weymouth police department, fire department, and town hall
    • Sang Christmas carols to local senior centers
    • Participate in Grade 5's annual fundraising event
    • Participate in all Upper School fundraising events
    • ...And more!
  • Community Opportunities
    • Lower School Chapel
    • Lower School Literacy Month
Upper School Chapel

In Upper School Chapel, students in Grades 6-12 meet in the gym once a week and are led in worship by our Upper School Chapel Band. Our high priority on academics is balanced with developing the spiritual life for each student; we strive to help students develop a Christian worldview by giving them a chance to put these ideas and values to practice here at SSCA, throughout our community, and around the world. We welcome students in every stage of their spiritual journey and encourage them to dig deeper into their own personal beliefs and to reflect on how God is at work in their lives.

Upper School Community Service Events and Opportunities:
  • Community Opportunities
    • Upper School Chapel
    • Middle School and High School Retreats
    • Advisory for Grades 6-12
Lower School Chapel Coordinator
Upper School Chapel Coordinator