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South Shore
Christian AcademyFor Christ. For Others.

Middle School


"The small class sizes gave us the opportunity to be friends with different people in a variety of backgrounds. In bigger schools, you can usually find people just like you and create a friend group of similar minded people. At SSCA, we became friends with people we may never have spoken to or learned from if we were not in such a small, tight knit class. I love that it prepared us for future working relationships, empathy and true friendship!” -SSCA Alumna


Grade 6 - Grade 8

Middle School matters. These momentous years in a young person’s life mark the time when he or she transitions from childhood into youth. Essential experiences shape a young person in how he or she sees themselves and the world and they equip him or her to flourish in that world. At SSCA, our Middle School program is designed to challenge developing minds within a caring environment.


In addition to the core classes of Math, English, Lab Science, History, and Bible, the SSCA Middle School student will take classes in Introduction to Spanish (2 years), Robotics and Coding, P.E., Student Wellness, Art, and Music. They also have the opportunity to participate in various clubs and activities during Flex Block -- some of these activities are listed below under "Extracurricular Opportunities During Flex Block". During Middle School Arts Block, students have the opportunity to take choir, orchestra, creative exploration, and sculpture.


Middle School faculty integrates faith and character into school life. As students develop their social identity, our faculty engages them individually and as a class in what it means to live a life that values others and honors God. Each subject, not just Bible class, integrates Micah 6:8 into its course design, demonstrating that every aspect of learning connects with justice, mercy, and humility.