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South Shore
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High School


“SSCA prepared me for success due to the advanced courses they offer, despite being a small school. By taking AP courses at SSCA, I was able to skip some introductory courses in college, such as Math and Spanish." -SSCA Class of '03


Grade 9 - Grade 12

High School is a student’s last stage of youth, a critical period when he or she first steps into adulthood. These crucial years help prepare a student not only for college, but for the rest of his or her life.  SSCA’s academic program is purposefully designed with these goals in mind.


Throughout their high school career, students will take honors or advanced level courses, which are taught by faculty with advanced degrees in their fields. A focal point of the High School program is the importance of oral and written communication. An SSCA graduate will read, write, and speak well. Our upper level humanities courses use the Harkness Method, a learning approach that encourages students to pursue and share ideas on their own, with guidance from teachers trained in using this method. This learning approach has been recognized as a key element in preparation for higher education, and has been an important factor in our own students’ success as they matriculated to some of the world’s best colleges and universities.


Our students are encouraged to integrate their learning and their faith, and our faculty members work to model this kind of integration in their own lives. We hold that every aspect of the human intellect can be directed toward serving Christ and serving others. Our graduates are well prepared to go forth from SSCA pursuing lives of faith that bring goodness to their families, communities, and the world.


The Harkness Table

One of the greatest challenges in educating our youth today is to have them look beyond facts, dates and statistics – to actively engage in critical thinking and be able to persuasively articulate what they know and believe.

At SSCA we have implemented the Harkness Method of teaching. The Harkness Method was pioneered and first introduced by Phillips Exeter Academy in 1927. It is a collaborative learning approach where ideas are formulated, considered and debated by students with faculty guidance. We have found that the use of Harkness tables and a modified Socratic teaching method encourages greater interactive learning and intentionally engages students in their subject matter.

The Harkness Method has produced exciting results as students grow and find their own voice and develop tools to articulate their own positions as they encounter new and emerging fields of knowledge. The Harkness Method also prepares students for leadership in team environments. Students gain experience with taking a position on a topic and defending it within a setting of mutual respect.

The High School Retreat
To kick-off the school year, our Middle School and High School students go to two different camps in New Hampshire for either two or three days in September! Our Middle School students (Grades 6-8) go to Camp Rumney in Rumney, NH for two days and one night while our High School students (Grades 9-12) go to Camp Berea in Hebron, NH for three days and two nights. On these retreats, our students have the opportunity to dive into the word together and to participate in fun activities such as field games, hiking, singing by the campfire, and more! 
Please click here to learn more about our Upper School Retreats. 
Senior Capstone Project
The Advanced Capstone Thesis course is a half credit class conducted over the course of the academic year for students in Grade 12. Students in this track choose a topic and respond to a prompt based on the tenants of Micah 6:8, calling God’s followers to pursue lives of mercy, justice, and humility. 
Please click here to learn more about the Senior Capstone Project. 
One of the staples of the SSCA Upper School Experience is Interterm, which is held every-other-year during the Spring semester. Interterm is a week-long concentrated, out-of-the classroom period during which students engage issues of faith, leadership, and service. The Middle School Interterm focuses on leadership and service in history and government. The High School Interterm focuses on faith and service. Interterm occurs every other year and is a required aspect of SSCA’s curriculum.
Please click here to learn more about Interterm.


“SSCA helped me develop my ability to engage with the course material in college and speak confidently when answering questions in class. The Harkness Table was key in helping me strengthen that muscle of speaking in class, something many of my classmates were not as comfortable with in college.” -SSCA Class of ‘13


AP Class Offerings:
  • English Language
  • English Literature
  • Spanish
  • U.S. History
  • European History 
  • Calculus AB
  • Biology
Extracurricular Opportunities:
  • Athletics
  • National Honor Society
  • Prefect Council
  • ASCI Academic Competition
  • Upper School Worship Band
  • Green Team Recycling Club
  • Student Ambassador Program
  • Yearbook
  • Theatre Program
  • Chess Club

“SSCA provided me the opportunity to take AP Bio, which is when my love for science really took shape. I credit Mrs. Stiles for keeping things fun yet challenging enough that it inspired me to get a career in science." -SSCA Class of '02



US Retreats