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SSCA Blog Posts » Writing Festival: Ben's Short Story

Writing Festival: Ben's Short Story


Writing Festival: Ben's Short Story

July 24, 2023

In a series of writing entries, we will be showcasing some of our students' work from the 2023 Writing Festival! During this Writing Festival, students from Grades 1-12 were asked to submit either a short story, essay, or poem. Throughout the summer, we will be showcasing some of the entries who won a Writing Festival Award for excellent writing!


**Ben's short story, "Near Death", received the "Excellent" award.




Grade Five - Miss Hoang

March 31, 2023

Short Story

Near Death


As I started going up the snowy hill I was shaking with excitement  and thought when will I get to the top?  As I got to the middle of the hill, I thought this is taking forever.  After all, it was taking a while to get to the top.  

As I finally got to the top, I asked my dad, “Can I go down with Lilly?”

He said “Yes, but be extra careful.”

After waiting for my brothers to go down it was finally our turn.  I looked down the hill and saw a ton of people going down the hill and back up.  As Lilly got in the tube, I got a little shaky with worry because she was in my hands. When I looked down I got excited to start sledding.  When dad began pushing us, I got even more excited to get sledding.  I grabbed a hold of Lilly so she didn't fall off.  Then we began.

As we rushed down the hill I felt a rush of adrenaline.   I gripped onto Lilly even tighter to keep her from falling.  As I saw the bottom of the hill  I felt my heart sink a little little because it meant that we were almost done with the ride.  But I thought be happy because I can just walk up and have another ride.  As we got closer to the bottom I got ready to get out and waited for it to slow down.  But it didn’t.

As we were getting ever closer to the street, we didn’t slow down.  I got shaky with fear.  I thought  what to do, what to do?  Should I throw Lilly off?  Should I jump off with Lilly?  But then I just put both my feet and both my hands down to stop the tube no matter what.  It took a bit, but it stopped.

As we stopped I was happy and hugged Lilly.  As mom and dad ran down our tube was really close to the street.  Lilly's eyes were wide with fear as we watched the cars go by.  I bet my mom and dad were really scared.  But then I realized that now that the danger was over, I have to go back up the huge, snowy hill.  Oh come on!