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The Importance of Athletics

The Importance of Athletics


By Mr. Terry Carter

November 20, 2019

Athletics at South Shore Christian Academy are a vital aspect of student character and leadership. In grades 6th thru 12th, SSCA has 58 girls and 56 boys, of which approximately 75% participate in some sort of athletics. Regardless of whether it’s in middle school, junior varsity, or varsity athletics, the students embrace the opportunity to compete in organized athletics or are eager to find an opportunity to spend more time with their friends. Many of them will also continue to play on town and club sports as well.

This participation has allowed SSCA to have a culture of students who have relationships through all grade levels and recognize that their participation matters. There are many of them who may not necessarily have a love for a particular sport, but most definitely have friendship bonds that drive them to participate. Daily practices, travel to and from games, and post game meals are all invaluable times that build camaraderie and deepen relationships. When students are able to encourage one another and share in each others failures and successes, there is a genuine unconditional love that is created. Their friend is their teammate and their teammate is their friend. 

Sports can truly be the great unifier. We see it here at SSCA every year. Friendships and alliances are born, and students, in so many ways, become “thicker than thieves.” All that many of us ever need is to know that someone has their back, that someone, other than a parent or sibling, cares about you. Ezra 10:4 says, “Rise up; this matter is in your hands. We will support you, so take courage and do it.” Sports teams can be the great assembly that empowers and supports individuals to have courage and take charge in all aspects of their life.