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Senior Capstone Project

The Senior Capstone Project is a long-term, interdisciplinary, independent study assignment that serves as the culmination of a senior’s intellectual experience at South Shore Christian Academy.  As a long-term project, throughout their senior year, students will identify a topic, submit a proposal for investigation, craft a thesis statement, conduct research, submit a final paper, and give a final oral presentation. The project will conclude with an oral examination by a committee of the submitted work.


As an interdisciplinary project, the study must cover at least two of the academic disciplines taught at SSCA. One of the two disciplines must be Math, English, Science, Art, Spanish, or History, and the second must be “Bible or Christian Thought.”


What are the benefits of such a project?


Senior Capstone Projects are a staple in college preparatory schools. Culmination projects provide a stimulating learning experience that encourages higher-level academic work. Such projects cultivate a desire for learning and foster the type of critical thinking and presentation skills that are expected of students entering college. Students who are working on a Senior Capstone Project will then be able to present to college and university admissions committees the quality of their own academic work and individual interests.


The successful completion of a project typically requires students to develop and improve upon a variety skills and responsibilities. This can often boost self-esteem and confidence. Further, a student is able to see clearly the strength of their academic abilities and feel a strong sense of accomplishment.


Finally, such projects demonstrate the effectiveness of the student’s high school education. Parents invest a great deal in providing for their student a South Shore Christian Academy Education. The Senior Capstone Project provides an opportunity for parents to see the depth of their son or daughter’s learning, including the integration between learning and the Christian faith.

How do we prep our students for college?