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Senior Capstone Project

Advanced Capstone Thesis
The Advanced Capstone Thesis course is a half credit class conducted over the course of the academic year for students in Grade 12. Students in this track choose a topic and respond to a prompt based on the tenants of Micah 6:8, calling God’s followers to pursue lives of mercy, justice, and humility.
Areas of focus range widely and may include historical issues or current events and may delve into a variety of academic disciplines. Students will be required to conduct extensive research using scholarly journals, studies, and interviews. They will also write a 15 to 20 page position paper based on their prompt and will be paired with a faculty advisor to help guide them in the research and writing process. Their paper will then be assessed by a team of readers, made up of faculty and staff members.
Students will ultimately defend their position in an oral defense format before a panel of the essay’s readers. Students in the Advanced Capstone Thesis track receive credit for an advanced level course. 

Capstone Study
The Capstone Study course is a half credit class conducted over the course of the full academic year. Students in this track will create a prompt based on the passage from Micah 6:8, calling followers of God to pursue mercy, justice, and humility. Students will then create an annotated bibliography of scholarly research related to their specific prompt. The creation of the annotated bibliography will serve as the primary focus of coursework. This track is weighed as a College Prep course. 
Senior Capstone Thesis Titles from the Class of 2023 and 2024
Does Tapering Antipsychotics Used to Treat Mental Illness Show Mercy to the Patients Who Need Them?
Federal Government, Local Government, and the Church's Response to Alcohol and Drug Abuse
Following the Overturn of Roe v. Wade: Does Planned Parenthood Provide Justice and Mercy to Its Patients as Opposed to Pregnancy Centers in the United States?
Issues of Justice in Providing Opportunities for Adaptive Sports
Justice and Humility within the Growth of Youth Sports
How Rotten Tomatoes Negatively Influences the Role of the Critic: A Two-Star Review
An Evaluation of The Use of Marijuana in Sports
Justice by Death: The Death Penalty and Justice