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SSCA Blog Posts » Writing Festival: Susannah's Short Story

Writing Festival: Susannah's Short Story


Writing Festival: Susannah's Short Story 

June 21, 2023

In a series of writing entries, we will be showcasing some of our students' work from the 2023 Writing Festival! During this Writing Festival, students from Grades 1-12 were asked to submit either a short story, essay, or poem. Throughout the summer, we will be showcasing some of the entries who won a Writing Festival Award for excellent writing!



**Susannah's short story, "Girls Trip to Cape Cod", received the "Very Good" award.





Grade 3 - Mrs. Kamberidis

March 30, 2023

Short Story


Girls Trip to Cape Cod


   My father, brother, cousin, and friend were going to New Hampshire to ski. My mom, sister and I packed our things and we went to the car. We got in the car and we drove for one hour to Cape Cod. We finally got there and it was really dark outside!  

So my mom went inside to check us in so we could get our key card to our hotel that we're going to be staying in. We had to walk there because there were so many stairs and we didn't know where we were going. Then, we finally got there and we went inside. We looked at the hotel, and we thought it was really nice anyway! We unpacked and we put our stuff on the  floor and then I asked if we could go to the pool, but my mom said not yet due to maintenance. We ended up ordering pizza from Georgio’s and watched Shark Tank. I didn’t want to watch it, so we brought out Monopoly. My sister is a master at Monopoly. After Monopoly, we went to bed. The next morning, we went to a breakfast place. I ordered a delicious pancake, hot chocolate and Oreo french toast! (Isn’t that crazy?) The hot chocolate was HOT! My family got full, so we went back to the resort and put our bathing suits on. Before we could go to the pool, we had to take a walk on the beach. It was cold outside! My sister and I challenged each other to our version of a water game. 

Once the pool was open, I did a cannonball into the water. My sister didn’t want to go in because it was cold. My mom played with me in the pool until it was dark. I was shivering so badly as we walked to our room. I washed up and went to dinner. I ordered grilled cheese-  it was delicious! We went back to the hotel, put on our pajamas, and watched Modern Family. My sister fell asleep, so my mom and I watched Hidden Figures. On our last night there, we went shoe shopping. On our way there, we listened to Worship songs. My favorite was the Harriet Tubman song. We stayed at our cousin’s house. 

After this whole trip was over, I realized I had the best weekend with my mom and my sister. I will always remember that weekend. One day we will go for a girls trip again in another state.