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Alumni Updates 2020

From SSCA to Trevecca Nazarene University
From left to right: Christopher Greisner '21, Aaron Barreto '21, Rachel Dagley '21, Justin Loftus '20, and Taylor Loftus '20
Congratulations to these five recent graduates who are all attending Trevecca Nazarene University in Nashville, Tennessee! We cannot believe that only a few years ago, these students were walking the hallways of SSCA. Now, these students are Trevecca Trojans, however they will always be SSCA Warriors to us! #SSCAWarriors
Adrienne Carter's SSCA Story
My college experience has definitely been a little stressful and crazy to say the least. Having my senior year cut short and many trips and fun events cancelled, I went into my freshman year a little hesitant about how it would be. I’m very thankful that Wheaton College made it possible for us to have somewhat of a fall semester. It’s been weird experiencing the campus with all the restrictions we have and being told repeatedly, “Just wait until things are back to normal. It’ll be so much better.” Given the circumstances, I’ve really enjoyed my time here at Wheaton and have been able to make a lot of new friends. Being a part of the Wheaton women’s soccer team has also been something that has made my time here very fun and enjoyable. Although our season was cancelled, I was able to have 6 weeks of practices, and we have had a lot of team bonding events which have been super fun in getting to know all the girls. I’ve been blessed to have a group of girls who care about me and want to see me succeed.
Currently, I am a 3-2 nursing major, meaning I will attend Wheaton for three years and Elmhurst College for two years and at the end I will have my Masters. SSCA has really prepared me for some of my classes that I have been taking for my major. Mrs. Stiles’ AP Biology class has really helped me to excel in my biology class that I’m taking this semester. Also, the community at SSCA helped me to realize that having a small community who cares about you and will push you to do your best is something I really needed in my life. I have met many amazing friends and professors who have made it a point to tell me that they are here for me and want to see me be successful.