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Alumni Updates 2019

Dylan Carter's SSCA Story
My college experience has definitely been entertaining and somewhat chaotic. Having my freshman year interrupted by Covid-19 three quarters through was anything but ideal. Coming back to campus this year has been rather crazy. Trying to be “Covid-Safe, Thunder Strong” comes with unique challenges, especially since I know what the culture on campus is like without so many restrictions. Having my sister here has definitely made my Wheaton experience way more crazy and entertaining.
Coming from SSCA, I have always had this drive to seek close community wherever I go. In general, being a part of Wheaton College’s theater community has made this transition so much easier. Although the academics here have challenged me more than I ever thought they would, I have never felt underprepared for any of the classes I have taken here at Wheaton. SSCA taught me the value of hard work and a dedication to doing my best, despite the circumstances around me. I know that I would not be where I am today without the help of every single person in my SSCA community, and I’ll remember that forever.
Looking forward, I am excited for the future. I am deep into my study of History and Secondary Education here at Wheaton College. I have been tutoring elementary and middle school students for children of refugees for the organization World Relief and cannot wait to eventually get to work directly in the classroom as soon as next year!
Olivia Lay's SSCA Story
At 5:00 AM, the day after graduation, I packed up everything in my apartment and moved to Ohio where I had grown up. I lived with my dad until I got an apartment in October and I was able to transfer locations with my job at Massage Envy from Massachusetts to Ohio. This past February, I was even promoted to management. In other exciting news, I adopted my first pet last December. He's a Maine Coon cat named Ollanger, and ironically we have to call him Ollie for short (he already had this name). I recently got a job as a leasing agent for Fath Properties and I'm excited to start in a new field. It is, however, scary to move away from something familiar. I look forward to moving into a cheaper apartment soon in order to save up to buy a house in the near future!
I miss high school sometimes but I think that's normal. It was easy to adjust to the adult world from where I was as an SSCA Senior. I lived in an apartment with two roommates during my Senior year and worked six days a week, paid the majority of my own bills, and still fit in time to do (some) homework and play softball. It was hard, but that experience shaped me to be who I am today. I consider myself successful and happy! I appreciate SSCA wanting to keep in touch with their past students and I hope this gave an insight into how my life has gone since graduation!