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South Shore
Christian AcademyFor Christ. For Others.

Leadership and Board

Letter from Head of School
Welcome to South Shore Christian Academy!

We are a community determined to live boldly according to God’s calling and to equip students to do the same: supporting them in their learning journeys and, in the process, serving our Lord and advancing His Kingdom purposes in our world.

Our region is incredibly diverse, from vibrant MBTA-linked urban communities, to busy suburbs, to scenic rural and coastal towns, alive with people of diverse races, backgrounds, and languages.  South Shore Christian Academy is the Christian school that serves them all, reflecting that diversity deliberately, thoughtfully, and proudly in its student body. In doing so, we also reflect the beauty of God’s Kingdom with a compelling authenticity, embracing the Lord’s call in Micah 6:8 to “do justice, love mercy, and walk humbly with [our] God.” My family and I eagerly sought to join a school on this kind of journey -- one that seeks to instill Kingdom values by living them out in community. We are so grateful to have found that here at SSCA.

After all, that’s what we want for our students -- that which is “good, and which the Lord requires” of us. It’s about equipping them with knowledge and preparing them for success at a wide range of competitive universities, yes -- but much more: a Micah 6:8 education is about equipping students to use knowledge to create, innovate, and solve problems; to accomplish good and important work; to discover their callings and to participate in the Lord’s restorative purposes in their world. 

It’s about high school students considering the big ideas in discussion around the Harkness Table, or organizing a food drive to care for our larger community. It’s about middle school students practicing stewardship of our environment during our Interterm program. It’s about lower school students researching the influence of Black historical figures, creating exhibits of their learning, and educating one another about their enduring legacies. It’s about students discovering ways to extend their voices and their gifts through vibrant arts and athletics programs.

It’s a process of discipleship that starts at the earliest ages, a partnership between students, families, talented and dedicated teachers, and the larger community. This is the power of an authentically Christian education!

What a deep blessing it is to walk this journey together. We welcome you to join us!                   

Meet the Board of Trustees
The South Shore Christian Academy Board of Trustees acts as a governing body in formulating policy for the conduct of the school, refining and overseeing the school’s mission, guiding principles and statement of faith. The Board is also responsible for the stewardship of SSCA’s finances. It is recognized that God is the final authority, and the primary function of the Board is to seek the will of God and to serve as His instrument as the final earthly authority in all matters pertaining to the school. The Board is comprised of SSCA supporters with a variety of affiliations and backgrounds. Trustees volunteer their time, treasures and talents for the furtherance of SSCA’s mission.
Board Members: