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Maintenance Manager

Maintenance Manager
South Shore Christian Academy
Announcement: There is a position opening for a full-time Facilities Manager for the 2021-22 academic year, starting in August, 2021. The position is a one-year position and is eligible for renewal. Interested candidates should contact Joel Bielawa at

Department: Facilities

Reports to: Director of IT and Facilities

Job Summary: This position is responsible for autonomously maintaining the facilities, including grounds maintenance, supplies inventory, repairs, preventative maintenance, etc. This will involve tracking and managing internal resources as well as working with outside vendors.
Essential Duties and Responsibilities:
1. Support the Board of Trustee’s mission statements, statement of faith, teaching positions, and philosophy of the school, and to embody the religious positions of the school in all actions
2. Promote and speak positively of SSCA to all constituents, internal and external.
3. Observe professional ethics and confidentiality in dealing with administrators, faculty,
parents, students and community.
4. Maintain good attendance, regularly requesting reporting any absenteeism (regardless of
length) to immediate supervisor.
5. Consistently promote the importance of multiculturalism.
6. Follow all expectations regarding the HOS’s understanding professionalism, including
dress code, social media practices, communication protocols, and collegiality.
7. Cooperate with and participate fully in the school’s religious activities.
8. Implement SSCA policies and procedures.
9. Publicly support SSCA policies and procedures.
10. Maintain continual affirmation of SSCA faith statements
11. Check regularly throughout the day for new work orders
12. Address work orders that require immediate attention
13. Clock in when arriving, and out when leaving for the day
14. Regularly check email
15. Be accessible by phone at any time during work hours
16. Be accessible by phone when “on call” (i.e. for snow removal)
17. Utilize a school walkie if there are issues with phone communication
18. Sign in and out at the office when leaving campus while clocked in
19. Clear litter from the grounds
20. Clear leaves from the bottom of stairs as needed
21. Keep front driveway clear of debris (as weather permits)
22. Check recycling dumpster, call when full
23. Check and clear stairs and pathways as needed (Winter)
24. Manage snow removal (may require working irregular hours temporarily)
25. Lawn mowing
26. Trimming, edging, weeds
27. Leaf removal
28. Keep fuel stocked for equipment
29. Inspect cleaning from the night before, especially restrooms and lunch areas
30. Fill paper products as needed
31. Remove any items in hallways that do no belong there, whether trash or stored items
32. Check that the boiler is running properly, log any failures and reset as needed
33. Check boiler lubricant level, log when adding
34. Check pneumatic pump oil level, log when adding
35. Check condition of belts on pneumatic pump, replace as needed
36. Schedule annual cleaning
37. Schedule fire inspections
38. Keep track of school events and set up as required
39. Make sure bathrooms are stocked for each event
40. Make sure stairs and pathways are clear of snow and ice, or leaves and other debris
41. Order, log, stock supplies
42. Receive supplies on delivery, log, and put away as needed
43. Check ceiling tiles in the hallways, replace as needed
44. Check hallway lighting for bulbs that are out, replace as needed Once in a while check
classroom lighting as well
45. Check gym lights for bulbs that are out, and/or indication of failure Schedule electrician
when ballasts fail
46. Manage projects of outside vendors
47. PM tasks other than those listed above will be issued via work order
Full Time
Contact Joel Bielawa
Phone: (781) 331-4340
45 Broad St, Weymouth, MA 02188