A New Fundraising Program by Upromise!

Upromise is a free service designed to help families save money for college and, through the Upromise Schools Program, raise much-needed funds for local schools. Many parents see college as a necessity for their children, and starting early and saving regularly can make all the difference. K-12 schools are in need of additional funds to support valuable programs. Upromise is here to help with both!


How do families save for college with Upromise?

1. Parents join at Upromise.com (FREE membership)

2. Hundreds of companies offer rewards on eligible spending, such as…Lands End!!!

3. Easy and convenient!

How do I enroll?

1. Join Upromise for free at Upromise.com

2.Link your account to SSCA

3. Register your debit cards, credit cards, grocery cards such as Stop & Shop and CVS to your account.


When you shop online through the Upromise link, both you and our school automatically receive a percentage of the profits!

When you use the credit/debit and grocery cards that you have registered in your Upromise account, both you and our school automatically receive a percentage of the profits.

When you dine out and use a registered card, both you and our school automatically receives a percentage of the profits.

Go to Upromise.com > Upromise School’s Program > Help me get involved

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